Why choose Shooting Starz Productions as the theatre program for your child?

Our musicals are for kids and youth of all experience levels. We believe that kids and youth should have the opportunity to feel seen in a production. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem in our actors, as well as challenging them as they grow during a production. Our musical productions are great for beginners and experienced actors alike! Every actor who auditions receives a speaking role and lots of stage time! Our production is based on a first come first serve registration basis, not an audition. We have worked with many actors that have never had performing experience. The growth that takes place from start to finish is absolutely amazing! 

There are no ensembles/choruses in our shows. Shooting Starz has small cast sizes where every actor is noticed! All cast members have their own individual speaking and/or singing parts and perform in multiple musical numbers and/or scenes.

We rehearse once a week- great for busy families! We are a Christian organization. You do not need to be Christian to participate. We do however, pray before each rehearsal and performance as a group. We also implement Bible verses and Christian values into what we do. Our dance moves, costumes, content of the musicals, etc. is family friendly and age appropriate.

Here you will find documents for families involved in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Jr. 
Rudolph Schedule.pdf Rudolph Schedule.pdf
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SSP Contact Info- __Updated.pdf SSP Contact Info- __Updated.pdf
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SSP Theatre Company Info (4).pdf SSP Theatre Company Info (4).pdf
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